Moving: What To Know When Moving Between States

Moving: What To Know When Moving Between States

Moving between states is not quite as straightforward as moving from one end of town to another or from one area of a state to another. Because of this, most people who move between states choose to hire professional movers. Understanding the process before you begin the move will ensure that you have a positive experience with your movers.

Movers involved with interstate moves must present their clients with a consumer booklet entitled “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move.” This booklet talks about the moving process and outlines the Dispute Settlement Program the mover uses. It also gives details about the company’s liability policy.

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Calculating the cost of an interstate move can be a challenge. Most movers charge based on the weight of the belongings, found by weighing the truck after all has been packed, and the distance of the move. Any additional packing services you need also add to the cost.

The best way to get a fairly accurate estimate is to have the mover come to your home, but you must remember to show them everything, including items you keep in storage. No estimate will be perfect, because the mover calculates the final price based on weight, which is unknown until the truck is packed.

Most movers offer non-binding estimates. Non-binding means the mover is not bound to keep the price stated. The amount can be more or less, depending on the actual weight of the load. If the difference between the quoted price and the actual price is under 10 percent of the quoted cost, it will be charged at delivery.

If it is greater than 10 percent, any remaining difference is simply invoiced to you after your items have been delivered.

You can ask for a binding estimate, which is an estimate that cannot be changed after you accept it. This gives you the benefit of knowing exactly how much the move will cost beforehand.

However, since the moving company has no way to know exactly how much your items weigh, a binding estimate may be more costly since the company will add to their estimate to ensure that they do not lose money. Because of the difficulty of providing binding estimates, some companies do not offer them at all.

Do not be surprised if your items ship with someone else’s. One way Packers and movers Ahmedabad moving companies lower costs for their customers is by combining loads. If your family is headed the same direction as another customerHealth Fitness Articles, both loads can go in the same truck.

Making the move from one state to another brings many changes for your family. Hiring the right movers takes one of the more stressful aspects of an interstate move and makes it far more manageable.