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Tips on Organizing Your Home

Tips on Organizing Your Home

Inflation seems to have taken residence in all facets of life. In order to get by, many people attempt to cut costs by lessening their expenditures. Why not try reducing clutter in your home as well? You might be surprised at how many useful things you’ve already forgotten just because you don’t see them. Don’t splurge on pricey storage solutions. Re-purposed and recycled materials in the house do the same job for zero cost. Organizing your space is as easy as one, two, three!

Recycle and be creative with the things you have at home before buying baskets and containers. Empty baby wipe containers can hold crayons, first aid, and sewing essentials. They can easily be put on a shelf. Touch up paint, spare screws and nails can put in empty baby food jars or any thing small that can fit. Mug holders can also hang scarves and caps. Cut off the top part of an empty tissue box and it can hold sachets or packets of many food products like instant soup. Empty ice cube trays or egg cartons can hold earrings, cuff links and hair pins. Clear plastic containers that come with pre-washed salad can be re-used to store shoes and to keep them dust free. These are only some of the cost saving ways of organizing your home.

Before shopping for the summer season, go through your closet and remove clothes you’ve grown tired of. Keep in mind the “one in, one out rule” to help you manage your closet. This will ensure the purchase of fewer clothes and new clothes must match the old ones. Another benefit of this method is getting dressed faster because you’re already familiar with the wardrobe. Loose change can grow in time. On a clear jar put a label that says “fun funds” where all the coins go. Reduce the coin clutter, and be rewarded in the end. Zip bags are universal organization tools. There not limited to keeping food fresh, they can even be used as shoe bags when you’re traveling. This keeps your clothes from getting dirty. Small zip bags can contain anything from elastic bands, cotton swabs, cosmetic sponges, bobby pins, down to band-aids. No label is needed since they’re transparent. Little stuff gets sorted and remains free from dust.

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To reduce paper clutter in your home office, remove all paper from the printer and stow it in a file folder across the room. When it becomes inconvenient to print, people think twice before doing so. Chances are, when it’s not that important, it won’t get printed. You’ll save time, money, and reduce clutter in this manner. Thinking twice before doing something not only organizes the home but also one’s life. When you think of shopping for an item consider if it can be borrowed from a friend, or rented from a store or library. Money can be saved and you’re not obliged to keep the item. Make it a habit to live your life clutter-free!

How to Appraise Your Home When You Are Ready For Moving

How to Appraise Your Home When You Are Ready For Moving

A relocation appraisal is a highly educated estimate of the most probable sales price at which your home will sell in the current market within a reasonable length of time based on market data (sales comparisons of houses of similar value in your community).

The appraiser will inspect your home and property, analyze the factors that influence the market in your area, and estimate a market value for your home. Since market conditions and housing prices fluctuate over time, this appraised price will be valid only for a specific period of time. The appraiser will then write a professional appraisal report and present it to you or to your relocation company for review.

1. To provide the best market value for your home, obtain at least two appraisals ol your home.

2. Sometimes an average of two or more appraised values is used to determine the final offer price to you.

3. An additional appraisal may be necessary if there is significant discrepancy between the lists of two appraisals.

4. The relocation company will provide a list of appraisers belonging to nationally recognized professional appraisal associations and holding professional membership designations.

5. You can choose two appraisers from this list and also get advice from your real estate agent as to which appraisers he or she would recommend.

6. To obtain a free copy of the Appraisal Institute’s National Directory of Members, its education and publication catalogs, or additional information on membership, contact the Appraisal Institute.

7. The report will be presented to you or to the relocation company. If the report is presented to the relocation company, a copy will be sent to you.

8. Review the report to make sure you agree with the final analysis.

9. The relocation company will then present a bona fide offer to buy your house based on these appraisals.

10. You must accept or decline this offer by a specified date.

How to Help the Appraiser

By having on hand the following additional information and records, you can help the appraiser arrive at the most accurate sales price for your home.

– A plat plan or survey of the house and land.

– A copy of your house blueprints, if available. The appraiser can take measurements from these plans instead of measuring every room and the outside of the house and property. This will save a lot of lime.

– A copy of your homeowners’ association manual, if applicable, and a

statement showing the amount of your monthly homeowners’ dues.

– Your properly deed, which contains a legal description of the property

– Your most recent real estate (property) tax bill.

– The Realtor’s sales sheet or brochure.

– A tactual record of recent sales and listings in the neighborhood, which can be verified by the appraiser. Ask your real estate agent to provide this list.

– Your title policy describing any encroachments.

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– A list of personal property to be sold with the house, if any.

– A “brag sheet” listing major home improvements made since you bought the house, the date of installation, and their costs.

– A list of house amenities and appointments that highlights the exceptional qualities of your home.

How to Relocate

You may have the best of the best bathroom accessories, but it is of no use if you don’t maintain it properly. If you are using ceramic bathroom vanities, you will have watch out for the stains. Cleaning the stains can be a daunting task, if you don’t know the procedure or process of removing the stains from the vanities. The key to perfect stain removal is to use the right kind of stain removal solution. If you use the wrong stain removal solution, there is a possibility that you may not get the stain removed.

Also, you may damage the bathroom vanity, which is even more disheartening. Stains come off easily when they are fresh. So, when you find a stain, make sure that you get it removed immediately. Very tough stains need special attention. You need to identify the nature of the stain before treating it. Using a generic stain remover can be good for simple stains, but for tough stains you may have to use a combination of stain removal solutions.

Contrary to popular belief, wood vanities also get stained and removing them can sometimes be a big pain. If there is wood polish over the wood, then removing the stain will also remove the wood polish. So, make sure that you identify the areas where the wood polish was has been damaged or removed and then reapply the wood polish. If the wood vanity gets affected by mold, you will have to take special care to get rid of the mold.

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Heat is the greatest enemy of mold and you will have to use some kind of heat treatment to get rid of the mold completely. If the mold has penetrated the wood of the vanity, you need to understand that application of chemicals may not help much. The mold fibers can penetrate within the wood to a great depth. So, you need to be very careful when you are treating the mold infection on the vanity. In addition to mould, there are other microorganisms that may rest and multiply within the moist wood contemporary bathroom vanities.

If the wood vanities get wet and soggy, you need to get them dried immediately. If you have a drier at home, you can use it to dry the vanities. Bathroom vanities that are made out of plastic or glass are water proof and you need not be worried about the water that falls on it. However, if there are crevices, you need to pack or fill them up so that they don’t store the seeped water. When water remains in the cracks for a long time, you will find that microorganisms grow in that water.

Mosquitoes too can thrive in stagnant water, so it is very important that you don’t allow any stagnant water in or around the vanities. Wood vanities have special stain removers that are easily available in the market. When you buy a wood vanity, you need to ask the dealer or retailer for the life of that wood vanity. Usually, if maintained well, the wood vanity can last for at least 10 years. You will get to know that you need to replace the wood vanity when you look at the condition.

Don’t wait till the last moment. If you know that your wood vanity has become old, you need to replace it immediately. When replacing the wood vanity, you can dispose the old wood vanity in a proper manner. Most people would want to dismantle the wood vanity and use the wood as firewood in the winter. You can check with a local carpenter if he or she is willing to take the old vanity. If you have some good buy back schemes, you can try exchanging the old vanities to get new ones at a discounted price.

For some good schemes, you can check the local newspaper or the Internet. When you have a good sale or scheme going around in the neighborhood, don’t miss it. Cost of the vanity must not be the only buying criteria; you need to check out the style and material durability as well. Long lasting materials will definitely save you money in the long run. Get the best modern double bathroom vanity for your bathroom or bedroom.

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