Tips on Organizing Your Home

Tips on Organizing Your Home

Inflation seems to have taken residence in all facets of life. In order to get by, many people attempt to cut costs by lessening their expenditures. Why not try reducing clutter in your home as well? You might be surprised at how many useful things you’ve already forgotten just because you don’t see them. Don’t splurge on pricey storage solutions. Re-purposed and recycled materials in the house do the same job for zero cost. Organizing your space is as easy as one, two, three!

Recycle and be creative with the things you have at home before buying baskets and containers. Empty baby wipe containers can hold crayons, first aid, and sewing essentials. They can easily be put on a shelf. Touch up paint, spare screws and nails can put in empty baby food jars or any thing small that can fit. Mug holders can also hang scarves and caps. Cut off the top part of an empty tissue box and it can hold sachets or packets of many food products like instant soup. Empty ice cube trays or egg cartons can hold earrings, cuff links and hair pins. Clear plastic containers that come with pre-washed salad can be re-used to store shoes and to keep them dust free. These are only some of the cost saving ways of organizing your home.

Before shopping for the summer season, go through your closet and remove clothes you’ve grown tired of. Keep in mind the “one in, one out rule” to help you manage your closet. This will ensure the purchase of fewer clothes and new clothes must match the old ones. Another benefit of this method is getting dressed faster because you’re already familiar with the wardrobe. Loose change can grow in time. On a clear jar put a label that says “fun funds” where all the coins go. Reduce the coin clutter, and be rewarded in the end. Zip bags are universal organization tools. There not limited to keeping food fresh, they can even be used as shoe bags when you’re traveling. This keeps your clothes from getting dirty. Small zip bags can contain anything from elastic bands, cotton swabs, cosmetic sponges, bobby pins, down to band-aids. No label is needed since they’re transparent. Little stuff gets sorted and remains free from dust.

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To reduce paper clutter in your home office, remove all paper from the printer and stow it in a file folder across the room. When it becomes inconvenient to print, people think twice before doing so. Chances are, when it’s not that important, it won’t get printed. You’ll save time, money, and reduce clutter in this manner. Thinking twice before doing something not only organizes the home but also one’s life. When you think of shopping for an item consider if it can be borrowed from a friend, or rented from a store or library. Money can be saved and you’re not obliged to keep the item. Make it a habit to live your life clutter-free!