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Top 10 Ways For You to Find a Trustworthy Moving Company

Top 10 Ways For You to Find a Trustworthy Moving Company

Retaining the professional services of a high quality mover will need a good deal of research from the consumer but the reward is great- a cost effective mover minus the stress. There are plenty of ways for you to determine a company to handle your move to a brand new location promptly and efficiently. Here are ten ways for you to find a mover that you can trust.

• Find a mover that has a local representation. Try to work with a company that is based locally or have their own local agent. Hire a professional mover that will do an ‘in home’ survey of the furniture, appliances and other items that you want to be moved. There are plenty of moving companies that you can find online and it would be best that you meet one of their agents or visit their physical location as well.

• You want to make sure that your moving company is legally licensed. If you are moving within the same state, then you might as well check your local state authorities. Find out who regulates moving businesses within your neighborhood. If you are relocating to another state, then you might as well check if the company is licensed by Federal Department of Transportation. Don’t easily take a company’s word for how good they are at what they do. Call a regulatory agency and see for yourself.

• Go ahead and check with the Better Business Bureau regarding unresolved complaints about a certain mover. They have this online database which will reveal complaints and other unresolved issues from CA movers,NJ movers and etc. A record at the bureau will show their satisfactory ratings and how they previously resolved complaints.

• Hire a domestic or international mover that carries appropriate insurance. Ask any of your shortlisted movers if they have workers’ compensation insurance. If in case you have doubts, you may also ask them for an insurance certificate. The insurance will protect if accidents happen in your location during the move.

• Make sure that the mover’s brick and mortar location truly exists. Beware of movers that don’t have physical addresses and business documents with them. It would also be nice to check out their facility. This can help you tell a little about the quality of service that they offer.

• Don’t just listen to sales individuals who put down the competition. A professional moving company with a good reputation doesn’t need to knock out competition nor criticize to make them look good.

• Make sure you have a bid that is in line with what other companies are offering. Although it is critical that you get an affordable price for the move, don’t forget to keep a close watch on the lowest bids. They may be cutting cost that will harm you or add on charges later.

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• Understanding the pricing system for moves. Charges for local moves are usually based on the time it takes to finish the move. Long distance moves in states are usually calculated based on the shipment weight.

• Secure the right moving paperwork. If you are moving from one state to another, get the following mandated documents from your moving company such as a written estimate for the total move in cost, table of measurements or a cube sheet that lists all the items you will be moving and an ‘order for service’ that is signed by the moving company.

Moving – The First Tasks to Complete During a Quick Relocation

Moving – The First Tasks to Complete During a Quick Relocation

In many instances, families only have a few weeks to pack their belongings and move out of town. The stress and pressure to find a company, pack all items, physically move them, pay the relocation company and unpack everything in such a short time period is overwhelming. Luckily there are many tips which can assist you in remaining organized.

Immediate Tasks to Complete

The following are the first steps that must be taken as soon as possible to ensure proper timing:

• Visit a thrift store
• Pack a little each night
• Designate an area on the floor for fragile items and heavy boxes
• Stack fragile and heavy items
• Pack bikes
• Find a moving company
• Deplete food supply
• Reserve elevators

Make Some Money

Since there’s little time for relocation, there’s little time to have a garage sale. Therefore you must sell those things that are no longer used and needed. By visiting a thrift store, you can accomplish this task. This is beneficial to not only make room in the truck for used items, but you can also make decent money to help with expenses.

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The Joy of Packing

Each night prior to the move, pack a few items here and there. This will make the big day much easier, quicker and more organized. While packing, designate an area on the floor for fragile items (to avoid damage) and also heavy boxes. These objects should be stacked so lighter boxes can be placed on top. Any bicycles that are in the house should be packed into special boxes which can be obtained at a bicycle store. The key to packing is keeping all items as modular as possible. Since the truck is rectangular and boxes are square, it makes for much easier loading and unloading.

Find a Relocation Company

While these actions are in motion, it’s important to find a reliable and reputable moving company. Search the internet, resource forums and take advice from those that have used specific companies. This will help you obtain background information from different companies.

Odd and Ends

Additionally, don’t go grocery shopping at all from now through the big day; simply eat the food that is available in the house. If out of food, just purchase a few small items. Anything left over must be thrown in the garbage. Finally, if you live in an apartment building or are moving to a building, call and reserve the elevator for a few hours. This will make it much easier to move large items to your floor.

There are numerous moving companies available to help with the relocation. Unfortunately they can add major pressure and stress to the mix. If you don’t have much to transport, it’s usually better to rent a truck and move yourself. On the other hand, if moving a whole house, a relocation company is the best method. They also usually provide a damage guarantee. Whatever method is selectedFeature Articles, following these tips for immediate action will assist you with moving success.

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